PVP Beta Test Phase - FAQs

Effective July 1, 2014, ACICS will begin the Beta phase of the Placement Verification Program (PVP). Below are responses to frequently asked questions regarding the PVP.

What is the purpose of the ACICS Placement Verification Program (PVP)?
The purpose of the ACICS Placement Verification Program (PVP) is to conduct a quality assurance review of our member institutions to assure accurate classification of a placement, according to the ACICS placement definition.

What are the procedures for the Beta test institutions?
Twenty-five member institutions have been selected for the Beta test phase. They will be contacted the week of July 7th and provided one-on-one instructions/tutorials/webinars and the tools required to submit placement activity for a stated month. The verification data requested will be for placements related to the 2014-2015 Campus Accountability Report (CAR) period and will not require placement records related to the 2013-2014 CAR period.

How did ACICS select the Beta test institutions?
ACICS contracted with Bates White Economic Consulting to design a statistically valid sampling methodology that supports, with a high degree of confidence, a quality review process. Member institutions will be contacted when the Beta phase has ended and the full scale ACICS Placement Verification Program is officially initiated.

Can I volunteer to be a part of the Beta test?
ACICS can accommodate additional members who would like to volunteer to be part of the Beta phase. The number of volunteers will be restricted and all requests to volunteer must be sent to ACICS no later than Monday, July 14, 2014.

What are the expected outcomes of the Beta test?
The principal purpose of the Beta phase is to obtain feedback from the members with respect to the impact the PVP places on their internal resources and to provide feedback on the methods used to submit and verify PVP data in a timely manner. Verification procedures of placement activity other than telephoning the graduate or employer will be evaluated to establish quality and quantity expectations.

What placement data will be requested during the full-scale launch of the PVP? The information requested during the placement verification program (PVP) is compatible to the information required for the annual campus accountability report (CAR).

  • The PVP is independent of the CAR process.
  • PVP placement data will not be historic information but will be data recorded proximate to notification that an institution will participate in the PVP.
  •  During the buffer period between Beta and full-scale implementation, ACICS will provide details of the format for placement data submission.

When will the PVP launch full-scale?
ACICS will notify our membership well in advance of a full-scale implementation.

Whom should we contact for further guidance?
Ms. Susan Greer, Associate Vice President – Operations, Accreditation and Institutional Development at