CAR Updates

December 18, 2014 

Dear ACICS Member Institution:

During its December 2014 session, the Council voted the following changes to how the Student Achievement data submitted in the 2014 Campus Accountability Report (CAR) will be reviewed:

The program-level retention rate formula changed in 2014 to account for transfers out of a program to another program. Programs that were negatively impacted by this new formula are granted a one-year grace period during which they will not be sanctioned if found to be below the Council standard.

The Council proposed revisions to the current due process procedures which will refine and clarify when campuses and/or programs are determined to be out of compliance. A detailed explanation of the proposed revisions to the due process policy will be outlined in ACICS' January 2015 Memorandum to the Field.

Any campus and/or program with retention, placement or licensure pass rate (where applicable) below the benchmark is required to develop an improvement plan which must be included in the Campus Effectiveness Plan (CEP).

The final 2014 CAR is now available on the membership portal through the CAR dashboard. Institutions can print the final report using adobe (.pdf). However, as part of ACICS' continued quality assurance review, an audit of the information listed in the program spreadsheets will be conducted. As a consequence of the review, institutions may be required to revise the 2014 CAR. Such revisions, if any, may affect the institution's campus and/or program retention, placement and/or licensure rates.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Terron King, Senior Manager of Policy and Institutional Review, at or 202-336-6771. Thank you for your continued cooperation.