Closing of a Campus

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If your institution plans to cease operations at its main and/or nonmain campuses:
The Council is concerned about the welfare of the students enrolled at your institution at the time of the closing and about the records of students who previously attended your institution. The Council reminds you that you have an obligation to make appropriate arrangements when closing an institution. Therefore, please complete the Report on the Closing of a Campus and return it to the Council office prior to the closing and as soon as possible. You must explain what teach-out arrangements you have made, the status of any refunds due, and the disposition of student records.

You are reminded that the Council may bar a person, including spouses and closely related family groups as defined in Section 2-2-401 of the Accreditation Criteria, from being an owner or senior manager of an ACICS-accredited institution if that person was an owner or manager of an institution that had its accreditation denied or withdrawn by suspension or that closed without providing a teach-out or refunds to students matriculating at the time of the closure (Section 2-3-1000 of the Accreditation Criteria).

Further information regarding the closing of a campus can be found in Section 2-2-300 of the Accreditation Criteria. If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact the Council office at (202) 336-6780.