Centennial Toolkit

The Centennial Toolkit was created to assist ACICS-accredited schools with recognizing 100 years of service in helping students make the transition between education and the workforce.

In this Toolkit, schools will find information on:


How-To Guide: Hosting Your Own Centennial Celebration

Hosting a Centennial celebration is a great way to engage students, schools, and the local community in bringing awareness to the educational opportunities offered by ACICS-accredited institutions. Some ideas for a Centennial celebration include:

  • A reception for students, faculty, and local community leaders
  • A Centennial-focused career night to showcase opportunities for students post-graduation
  • An alumni event to provide a forum for graduates to show how their degree and training helped prepare them for the competitive workforce

As schools decide the type of event they would like to host, each institution should consider the outcome they wish to achieve. For example, a reception can create a more celebratory environment that provides attendees with an opportunity to socialize and mingle. A career night would be more focused on professional networking. And an alumni event focuses more on past students and the role their education played in preparing them for their chosen career.

Before you plan your event, here are a few things to consider:

  • Targeting Your Audience: Define the key audiences to target. If your school is planning a reception with the local community and students, be sure to invite local leaders who may have an interest in the event, such as local employers and business leaders, representatives from the Mayor’s office, or other policymakers with a vested interest in policies affecting the schools in that region.
  • Timing: Choose a time and location that would be convenient for invited guests to attend, such as a breakfast event in the morning (before school begins) or after 5:00 p.m.
  • Engaging the Media: Consider inviting local reporters or news outlets to build awareness for the school and highlight the significance of ACICS’ Centennial.

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Recognizing Notable Schools, Faculty, and Graduates

During the Centennial Celebration Gala in November, ACICS will recognize member institutions, faculty, graduates, and other notable individuals to celebrate their contribution to national accreditation in the post-secondary education community over the last 100 years.

Ask members of your school community to submit nominations for one of the following categories:

  • Students of the Century: Graduates who have made a significant impact on society using the degree or skills they learned from an ACICS school.
  • Schools of the Century: Notable schools that have achieved measurable results for high retention and career placement.
  • Programs of the Century: Innovative programs that have changed the way we approach business, health care, technology, or other industry in society.
  • Evaluators of the Century: Individuals who have contributed to the peer evaluator accreditation process.

Please click here to submit your nomination, including an explanation of why the student, school, program, or evaluator has been nominated for recognition at the Centennial Celebration Gala in Las Vegas.

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Materials to Download

Centennial Logo
ACICS has developed a special Centennial version of its logo, and has made it available for schools to download and post on individual websites and use in promotional content. The logo publicly recognizes an institution’s involvement in ACICS Centennial activities and is available for use on websites, flyers, posters, and other materials. Please review and adhere to the following guidelines before downloading the Centennial logo:

  1. Use of the ACICS Centennial logo is restricted to ACICS-accredited institutions and the Council.
  2. The ACICS Centennial logo may be used by any accredited institution subject to the general definitions of being in good accreditation standing outlined in the ACICS Accreditation Criteria.
  3. The ACICS Centennial logo cannot be used to promote a commercial endeavor other than the accredited college or school.
  4. The ACICS Centennial logo cannot be used by schools that have applied for, but not yet received, ACICS accreditation. Applicants and newly accredited schools may begin using the logo as soon as they receive their formal notification of accreditation from ACICS.
  5. The ACICS Centennial logo may be reduced or enlarged to suit the use, but the scale of the elements should be retained.
  6. Either the color or gray scale versions of the ACICS Centennial logo may be used. If color is used, please use only the set of colors contained in the logo files provided below.
  7. The ACICS Centennial logo may be used on official stationery, flyers, marketing material, and websites. Please contact Annette Headley with any questions about the use of the Centennial logo.

Logos to Download

  • Low Resolution (for small quantity printing or online use)
    Centennial Logo - low resolution    Centennial Logo (b/w) - low resolution     
    To download the logo in Windows, right click on a logo and select Save Picture As.


  • High Resolution (for large quantity printing or enlarged documents, such as flyers)
    For a high resolution version of the logo, click here.


Fact Sheets
Click below to download and print fact sheets about ACICS and the Centennial:

The following videos are available for schools to post on their respective websites, screen during local Centennial events, or use during other activities throughout the year:

If you would like to submit content to be considered for the 2012 Centennial video, please click here.

In celebration of ACICS’ 100 years of providing excellence in education, students of ACICS-accredited colleges and schools were invited to submit designs for the agency’s commemorative Centennial poster competition. More than 80 entries were submitted from students across the nation.

Click below to download the winning posters:

Please click here to order a full-size copy of the winning poster.


Centennial Wall Calendar
Centennial Calendar

Please click here to order a copy of the Centennial wall calendar.

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Tips for Social Media

Social media is a very useful tool for connecting schools with students and the surrounding community.
We encourage schools to connect with ACICS via Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr to share information, photos and videos of your Centennial events and activities throughout the year.

Remember to tag ACICS in your messages on the following social media channels so we can stay connected with Centennial activities taking place through each of our schools.



Follow ACICS on Twitter: http://twitter.com/acicsaccredits

Twitter is one of the most popular social media networking channels and allows users to communicate in less than 140 characters (called “Tweets”). While it may seem limiting, this small but impactful space provides an opportunity for users to inform their followers about an upcoming event, engage in an online conversation, or drive traffic to a school’s website, news article, videos, and more.

What is a Hashtag?
The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Twitter users use the hashtag symbol before relevant keywords in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets so they will appear more easily in a Twitter Search (hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics). Examples of hashtags schools may want to use in their Centennial tweets include:

• #ACICScentennial
• #highered
• #4profit


Follow ACICS on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/acicscouncil

YouTube is the second most searched website, making this a great outlet for posting or linking to videos from local Centennial events. Make sure to upload any videos soon after the event to ensure relevancy in the online community and to stay current.


Connect with ACICS on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acics2010am/

Flickr is one of the most popular online photo-sharing sites, and can be linked to a school’s Twitter feed or other social media channels. We encourage schools to post photos from recent Centennial events and link them to the ACICS photo stream.

Using Social Media to Build Awareness for Your Centennial Event
We suggest building awareness on Twitter one week before your Centennial event. During the event, a designated person can “live tweet” about interesting discussions, pose questions to other Twitter followers, different actions going on and remember to tag any relevant individuals or organizations as appropriate.

In order to maintain momentum after the event, schools should post photos on Flickr and upload relevant videos on YouTube within 48 hours. Also, drive followers to the new content on Twitter, thank individuals/teams for their support and help, and continue to invite new followers to learn more about your school and related Centennial activities.

Below are a few sample tweets to ramp up interest and engage followers before and after the event:

Before the Event

  1. <insert event name> begins in one week! For more info on how to get involved go to <insert link to event information> #4profit
  2. Have you registered for <insert event name>? If not, register here <insert link to registration/RSVP page>. #highered
  3. We will be live tweeting during <insert event name>! Follow us <@ twitter handle> and join in the conversation.

After the Event

  1. Check out this great video from the <insert event name>! <link to video>
  2. Pictures just posted to Flickr from <insert event name>. View them here: <link to Flickr page> #4profit
  3. Thanks to everyone who participated in the <insert event name>! #highered
  4. Visit our blog for information about other activities going on at <insert school name> by visiting <link to blog web address>.
  5. Great article about <insert event info> <@news media Twitter handle> <link to article> #4profit

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