Systematic Review of the Accreditation Criteria

To:                  ACICS-Accredited Institutions and Other Interested Parties 

Subject:               Systematic Review of the Accreditation Criteria 


ACICS will conduct its comprehensive review of selected sections of the Accreditation Criteria in February 2010.  In preparation for that review, we seek input from all stakeholders as to whether there are issues with any of these criteria that should be analyzed in order to improve their clarity, relevance or utility. 

Please click here for a list of the particular criteria that will be reviewed this year, along with the section numbers from the Accreditation Criteria.  If you feel that any of these criteria should be reviewed and possibly revised, please describe briefly the nature of the issue that should be examined.


Please respond by Friday, November 13, 2009 to:

Kimberlee Moore
Manager of Policy & Institutional Review
FAX (202) 842-2593 

Thank you in advance for your feedback.