Executive Director's Call for Commissioner Nomination

Commissioner Candidate Application 

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS or the Council) is calling for nominations for the position of commissioner on the Council. Commissioners also comprise the ACICS Board of Directors.  The following commissioner positions are to be filled:

  • Appointed Public Member Representative for the term beginning January 1, 2013 and continuing through December 31, 2017. (2 positions)
  • Elected ACICS-Accredited Member Representative for the term beginning January 1, 2013 and continuing through December 31, 2017. (2 positions)

Public Member Representative is defined as someone with knowledge or experience in career education. (see Bylaws, Article III, Section 1).  Public Representatives have no affiliation with a career education institution.

Elected ACICS-Accredited Member Representative is defined as someone employed by an ACICS member institution in good standing and meeting other eligibility criteria (see Bylaws, Article IV, Section 1). The ACICS Nominating Committee will select the candidates to stand for election. The election will be held in October, 2012.

The powers and duties of the Board and Council are set forth in the Bylaws, Articles II and III respectively. Commissioners are expected to attend all regularly scheduled Council meetings.  The five-day Council accreditation meetings are scheduled three times per year, usually during the first week of April, August, and December.  Council members are also expected to participate in the ACICS Annual Meeting (during November in 2012), and the Policy Meeting (during January in 2013). Travel expenses for all Council-related activities are reimbursed by ACICS.

The Executive Director invites you to submit an application for the Appointed Public Member Representative seat or the Elected ACICS-Accredited Member Representative on the Council.  Please contact Jeanine Ford, 202-336-6847 or with any questions.  All applications must be received via electronic format by August 31, 2012.
A signed conflict of interest and confidentiality statement is required at the time a commissioner takes office.

Your interest in serving ACICS member institutions in this important capacity is sincerely appreciated. 

Thank you for your consideration.