Renewal of Accreditation Evaluation Schedule

Below are the institutions, including main and branch campus locations, that are scheduled to undergo renewal of accreditation reviews in 2018. Members of the public, industry leaders, and other third parties are invited to submit comments on these, or any ACICS-accredited, institution by emailing them to These  comments will be considered by the Council during its review of the institution’s application. Please note the following visit cycles may be subject to change.



Atlantic University College, Guaynabo, PR,  
BIR Training Center, Chicago, IL,  
Brightwood Career Institute, Broomall, PA,  
Brightwood Career Institute, Philadelphia, PA,  
Brightwood Career Institute, Pittsburgh, PA,  
Brightwood College, Arlington, TX,  
Brightwood College, Bakersfield, CA,  
Brightwood College, Baltimore, MD,  
Brightwood College, Beaumont, TX,  
Brightwood College, Beltsville, MD,  
Brightwood College, Brownsville, TX,  
Brightwood College, Charlotte, NC,  
Brightwood College, Chula Vista, CA,  
Brightwood College, Clovis, CA,  
Brightwood College, Corpus Christi, TX,  
Brightwood College, Dallas, TX,  
Brightwood College, Dayton, OH,  
Brightwood College, El Paso, TX,  
Brightwood College, Fort Worth, TX,  
Brightwood College, Friendswood, TX,  
Brightwood College, Houston, TX,  
Brightwood College, Laredo, TX,  
Brightwood College, Las Vegas, NV,  
Brightwood College, McAllen, TX,  
Brightwood College, Nashville, TN,  
Brightwood College, North Hollywood, CA,  
Brightwood College, Palm Springs, CA,  
Brightwood College, Riverside, CA,  
Brightwood College, Sacramento, CA,  
Brightwood College, Salida, CA,  
Brightwood College, San Antonio, TX,  
Brightwood College, San Antonio, TX,  
Brightwood College, San Diego, CA,  
Brightwood College, Towson, MD,  
Brightwood College, Vista, CA,  
Brookline College, Albuquerque, NM,  
Brookline College, Phoenix, AZ,  
Brookline College, Tempe, AZ,  
Brookline College, Tucson, AZ,  
Consolidated School of Business, York, PA,  
Hondros College of Business, Westerville, OH,  
Hondros College of Nursing, Maumee, OH,  
Kingston University, Norwalk, CA,  
Millennia Atlantic University, Doral, FL,  
Mountain State College, Parkersburg, WV,  
Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, CA,  
Ohio Medical Career College, Dayton, OH,  
Professional Golfers Career College, Temecula, CA,  
Professional Golfers Career College-Hilton Head, Bluffton, SC,  
Schiller International University, Hiedelburg, Germany  
Schiller International University, Largo, FL,  
Schiller International University, Madrid, ,Spain  
Schiller International University, Paris, , France  
Virginia International University, Fairfax, VA,  

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Academy College, Bloomington, MN,  
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL,  
Bergin University of Canine Studies, Rohnert Park, CA,  
Best Care College, East Orange, NJ,  
Broadview University-West Jordan, West Jordan, UT,  
Clary Sage College, Tulsa, OK,  
Community Care College, Tulsa, OK,  
Cope Institute, Brooklyn, NY,  
Duluth Business University, Duluth, MN,  
East West College of Natural Medicine, Sarasota, FL,  
EDP School of Computer Programming, Brooklyn, NY,  
Florida Career College - Boynton Beach, Boynton Beach, FL,  
Florida Career College - Hialeah, Hialeah, FL,  
Florida Career College - Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL,  
Florida Career College - Margate, Margate, FL,  
Florida Career College - Miami, Miami, FL,  
Florida Career College - Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Pines, FL,  
Florida Career College - Riverview, Tampa, FL,  
Florida Career College - West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL,  
Florida Career College, Lauderdale Lakes, FL,  
Florida Career College, Orlando, FL,  
Mildred Elley, Pittsfield, MA,  
Mildred Elley-New York City, New York, NY,  
Miller-Motte Technical College, Lynchburg, VA,  
Miller-Motte Technical College, Roanoke, VA,  
Oklahoma Technical College, Tulsa, OK,  
Premiere International College, Fort Myers, FL,  
Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute, Poughkeepsie, NY,  
Salter College, Chicopee, MA,  
South Coast College, Orange, CA,  
Southern California Health Institute (SOCHI), Los Angeles, CA,  
Sumner College, Portland, OR
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FALL 2018  
American Institute, Toms River, NJ,  
Bryan University, Columbia, MO
Bryan University, Rogers, AR
Bryan University, Springfield, MO
California Institute of Advanced Management, Alhambra, CA,  
College of Business & Technology, Miami Gardens, FL,  
Daymar College, Clarksville, TN,  
Daymar College, Columbus, OH,  
Ecotech Institute, Aurora, CO,  
Everest University - Tampa, Tampa, FL,  
Fortis College, Norfolk, VA,  
Fortis College, Ravenna, OH,  
Fortis College, Richmond, VA,  
Gem City College, Quincy, IL,  
Golf Academy of America, Farmers Branch, TX,  
Golf Academy of America, Myrtle Beach, SC,  
Guglielmo Marconi University, Rome, Rome, Italy  
Hope College of Arts & Sciences, Pompano Beach, FL,  
Humacao Community College, Humacao, PR  
Inter-American Defense College, Washington, DC,  
King's College, Charlotte, NC,  
Marconi International University, Inc., Pembroke Pines, FL,  
Miami Regional University, Miami Springs, FL,  
SAE Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, CA,  
Southern Technical College - Auburndale, Auburndale, FL,  
Southern Technical College - Mount Dora, Mount Dora, FL,  
Southern Technical College, Brandon, Brandon, FL,  
Southern Technical College, Orlando, FL,  
Southern Technical College-Sanford, Sanford, FL,  
Stratford University - Glen Allen, Glen Allen, VA,  
Stratford University - New Delhi, New Dehli, India, India  
Stratford University Baltimore Campus, Baltimore, MD,  
Stratford University, Newport News, VA,  
UAC School of Global Management, Miami, FL,  
Virginia College, Birmingham, AL,  
Virginia College, Bossier City, LA,  
Virginia College, Columbia, SC,  
Virginia College, Columbus, GA,  
Virginia College, Florence, SC,  
Virginia College, Greenville, SC,  
Virginia College, Huntsville, AL,  
Virginia College, Jacksonville, FL,  
Virginia College, Knoxville, TN,  
Virginia College, North Charleston, SC,  
Virginia College, Savannah, GA,  
Virginia College, Spartanburg, SC,  
Virginia College, Tulsa, OK,  
West Tennessee Business College, Jackson, TN