Summary of the ACICS Strategic Plan

The ACICS Strategic Plan was launched in 2014 with the goal of providing greater services to member schools in order to enhance the educational experience of all students.


ACICS is committed to the importance of a quality educational experience for all students.


ACICS commits itself to being a leader in post-secondary education policy. ACICS will represent a culture of mutual respect and appreciation for all of those within our professional community.


It is the mission of ACICS to provide a process to help schools improve educational quality. ACICS will implement standards that ensure institutional accountability while encouraging institutional growth, innovation, and viability.



Accreditation - Improve consistency in the application of the accreditation process.
The ACICS accreditation process will strike a balance between consistency and flexibility in accrediting decisions.

External Affairs - Change the perception of national accreditation.
ACICS will engage in policy development relevant to post-secondary education and accreditation and position the organization to be a leader in shaping the national conversation in these areas. 

Growth - Monitor present opportunities for growth and be vigilant for new areas that will lead to growth.

Collaboration - Develop a culture of increased collaboration/partnership between the Council and member institutions.
The Council will provide a portfolio of resources to schools that support innovation and growth strategies. ACICS will develop processes that will allow for new ideas and plans from member schools to be reviewed in a timely fashion.

Technology - Implement innovative technology solutions that improve efficiency internally and externally.

Staff Development - Use the talent management program for succession planning that assures continuity of services and quality of performance.