Report Templates

1. Overview 
2. Using the Report Templates 
3. Additional Word 2007 Instructions 
4. Chair Instructions
       a. Report Editing Directions 2013 - Chairs     
       b. Preparing Report Pages 1-2       
       c. Merging the Report Sections
       d. Deleting the Criteria Column 
5. Report Writing & Editing Guide 2014  
       a.On-Site Report Writing Guide Sheet 2014 
       b.Citation Direction Sheet 

Initial Grant, Reevaluation, and Additional Location Inclusion Report Templates 
1-3.   Mission, Organization, and Administration
4.      Relations with Students
5.      Educational Activities
6.      Educational Facilities 
7.      Publications
8.      Library
9.      Program Evaluation
10.    Nontraditional Education 
11.    Doctoral Programs  
12.    ESL Programs 
13.    Campus Addition Review

Other Visit Templates 
A.      Quality Assurance Monitoring: Nontraditional Education Visit Report
B.      Quality Assurance Monitoring: Out of Scope Visit Report 
C.      Quality Assurance Monitoring: Readiness Visit Report 
D.      Quality Assurance Monitoring: Higher Credential Visit Report
E.      Summary and Recommendations Page 
Staff Only Report Templates 
1.      Additional Location Verification Report
2.      Campus Addition Verification Report 
3.      Change of Ownership Report
4.      Reclassification of Additional Location to Main Verfication Visit Report
5.      Reimbursement DO's and DON'Ts