ACICS is Recruiting for Chairs

Chair Application  

ACICS is now accepting applications for for evaluator chairs. The deadline for submitting applications is COB Friday, October 3, 2009. References and a completed application form must be received by the deadline for consideration.

The Chair Selection Committee will meet the week of October 5th and send invitations to selected candidates the week of October 12th.

Chair training is scheduled for Friday, November 20, 2009. Travel expenses will be reimbursed by ACICS in accordance with our current Evaluator Reimbursement Policy.

ACICS Chair Minimum Qualification Rubric 

Points required for consideration: 5

Points Awarded




1.  Years as an ACICS Evaluator

1-3 years

4-5 years


 or    # of visits for ACICS

10-30 visits

30-50 visits

50+ visits

2. Years of management experience at private or post                 secondary institution

1-3 years

4-5 years

5+ years

3. Highest degree held