Evaluator Webinar

Evaluator training consists of three pre-recorded Go-To-Webinar modules and one live two hour Go-To-Webinar. Evaluator applicants are required to complete a survey following each webinar and submit it to evaluatormanager@acics.org as supporting evidence.  
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Presently, we are accepting evaluator applications for Program Specialists, Business Education Specialists, and Student Relations Specialists.  There is an expressed need for program specialist with five years experience and education in

construction management
surgical technology

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Canons of Ethical Responsibility for ACICS Evaluators 

The continued existence and acceptance of privately administered accreditation presumes the recognition that the aggregate of the system is based upon the singular integrity of all those individuals charged with the adoption of policies, procedures, standards, and he evaluation and measurement of institutional performance. Members of evaluation teams play a vital role in the maintenance and preservation of the system. Therefore, the fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by evaluators of their relationship with and function in the accreditation process.

In fulfilling accreditation responsibilities, an evaluator encounters a variety of issues and situations that require the exercise of fair and impartial judgment. Although the specifics of these issues and situations can not be foreseen with particularity, fundamental ethical principles are available for guidance.

The Canons of Ethical Responsibility for ACICS Evaluators and the organization’s Policy on Discrimination and Harassment are incorporated in the ACICS Evaluator Data Sheet. To view the data sheet click here.

We Need Your Expertise!

Become an ACICS Program Evaluator
ACICS is seeking qualified individuals who will serve as evaluators of programs in the areas listed below.  Evaluators are reimbursed for incurred expenses relating to a visit. In addition, an honorarium is paid to public and member evaluators with exceptions noted.  Evaluators must posses five years' experience in their area of expertise. 



Emergency Medical Technology

Administrative Assistant

Engineering Technology


English as a Second Language

Animation/Interactive Technology/Video Graphics

Fashion Merchandising

Automotive Mechanics Technology

Fashion/Apparel Design

Baking and Pastry Arts

General Studies

Banking and Financial Support Services

Graphic Design

Business Administration and Management

Health and Physical Education/Fitness

Business Office Technology

Health Care Administration/Management

Cardiovascular Technology

Health Information Technology

Cinematography and Film/Video Production

Heating, A/C and Refrigeration Technology

Communication Systems Technology

Hotel/Motel Administration/Management

Computer and Information Systems Security

Information Technology

Computer Engineering

Interior Design

Computer Engineering Technology

Legal Administrative Assistant

Computer Graphics

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Computer Installation and Repair Technology

Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse

Computer Programming

Management Information Systems

Computer Science

Marketing/Marketing Management

Computer Software and Media Applications

Massage Therapy

Computer Systems Networking/ Telecommunications

Medical Administrative Assistant

Computer Systems Technology

Medical Insurance Coding Specialist/Coder

Construction Trades

Medical Insurance Specialist/Medical Biller

Cooking and Related Culinary Arts

Medical Office Assistant


Medical Transcription

Court Reporting

Medical/Clinical Assistant

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Nursing/Patient Care Assistant

Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications

Nursing/Registered Nurse

Data Processing Technology

Pharmacy Assistant

Dental Assistant


Design and Visual Communications


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Surgical Technology

Drafting and Design Technology

Tourism and Travel Services Management


Veterinary/Animal Health Technology

Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Repair Technician

Web Page and Digital/Multimedia Design

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Web/Multimedia Management