Visiting Washington, DC

Washington is a great city for visitors. It's easy to get to, served by three major airports, major highways, and trains. The subway system, the Metro, is clean and easy to use. Many of the popular attractions are clustered along the Mall, a long green park that runs through the center of Washington, so it's easy to walk around. There's plenty of good food in Washington's restaurants. We hope you enjoy your stay in this vibrant city.


Washington, DC Hotels

Participants are responsible for making their own transportation and hotel reservations. The hotels listed below are suggested based on their proximity to ACICS.

The Liaison
415 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Phone: (202) 638-1616; Toll Free: (866) 246-2203

The Hotel George 
15 E Street, NW
Phone (202) 347-4200; Toll Free: (800) 576-8331

The Phoenix Park Hotel
520 North Capitol Street, NW
Phone: (202) 638-6900; Toll Free: (800) 824-5419

The Hyatt Regency Washington
400 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Phone: (202) 737-1234; Toll Free: (888) 591-1234


Local Airport Information

Three major airports serve Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Dulles International Airport

Baltimore/Washington International Airport



Washington, DC weather is mild compared to many parts of the United States. The capital region has four distinct seasons, although the weather can be unpredictable and varies from year to year.

In the winter, the Washington, DC area gets an occasional snowstorm. The temperatures often fluctuate above freezing in the winter so we can get lots of rain or freezing rain during the colder months. Springtime is beautiful when the flowers blossom. The weather is wonderful in the spring and this is the busiest time of year for the tourist attractions. During the summer months, Washington, DC can get hot, humid and uncomfortable. Late July and most of August are a good time to stay indoors in the air conditioning. The vibrant colors of October and November’s autumn foliage and the cool temperatures make it a great time to enjoy lots of outdoor recreation.

100 Free Things To Do While in Washington, DC

Washington D.C. has more inspiring and unusual attractions than you can imagine. But one of the best things about visiting Washington D.C is the major attractions are free. In a three or four days, you can see the Hope Diamond, tour the Capitol, and visit the baby panda at the National Zoo, all for free. Or you can look at dinosaur skeletons, see the original Star Spangled Banner, and go into the Washington Monument. Again - all for free.