2009-2010 Evaluators of the Year

ACICS appreciates all of our professional peer evaluators for the dedication and service provided to the Council and its mission. The Council is pleased to recognize those who have demonstrated excellence in peer evaluation as outstanding chair, student relations, and program evaluator. Those recognized in 2010 reflect the endorsements and accolades of their peer evaluators, site team chairs, and ACICS staff.



Dr. Tom Duff 

Thomas B. Duff, Ph.D.
Evaluator Chair of the Year

Dr. Thomas Duff received a B.S. in business education from Winona State College in Minnesota and both M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in education, with management and economics collateral fields, from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Duff taught at the University of Minnesota-Duluth from 1975 until 2003 where he taught business and economics education and served as department chair, associate dean, MBA program director, and acting dean in the School of Business and Economics.

Tom made his first visit as an evaluator in 1986 at Capital City Junior College in Little Rock, Arkansas. During his now almost 25 years with ACICS, he has served as an evaluator on more than 120 school visits, and as chair of almost 100 of those visits. He has also served as an appointed public member on the Council for two three-year terms from 1996-2001. During his Council tenure he was a member of the Board of Directors for three years and Chair of the Council. Additionally, he served as Interim ACICS Executive Director from September-December 2005.

Tom feels he’s never been on an ACICS visit where he didn’t learn something new that he could take back home to use positively in his work or personal life. This and the opportunity to meet and work with so many interesting, professional, and generally "good" people are major benefits of serving as an evaluator.



Dr. George Fakhoury 

Evaluator of the Year
George Fakhoury, MD, DORCP, CMA, RMA

Dr. George Fakhoury was born in Cairo Egypt, and raised in Sudan. After completing medical school at Ain Shams University in Cairo in 1968, he worked as a primary care physician in Atbara, Sudan and went on to complete his graduate studies in Dublin, Ireland. After nearly 12 years in the UK, George immigrated to the United States, where he pursued a career in adult education. He has worked as a faculty member in education, while working his way up to become head of the medical education department and vice campus director of more than one college throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. His most recently held position was with Health College Corporate offices, overseeing 11 campuses, and managing curriculum activities for medical assisting, dental assisting, insurance billing and coding, health information technology and administrative programs. He secured accreditation for more than 20 programs.

George joined ACICS in 2005 and has been an active evaluator since. He received training in 2009 to be a site visit Chair for ACICS. George participates in evaluating healthcare programs for many colleges and has benefited from seeing various programs and the diverse ways of offering these programs. He considers this a valuable learning experience and plans to continue this service for many years to come.

Ed Krissler 

Student Relations Evaluator of the Year
Edgar Hamilton Krissler

Ed Krissler received his B.A. in Business Administration from Marist College and his M.A. in Business Education from Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  He retired in 1998, after a 32-year career as owner/operator of Krissler Business Institute, a former ACICS business school located in Poughkeepsie, NY. Primarily campus director, he also served in various dual positions including instructor, financial aid director, and president. Ed served as president of the NY Registered Business Schools, the Coalition of NY Career Schools, and the Mid-Hudson Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants. He served a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the NY Business Teachers Association and the national board of the Institute of Management Accountants. Ed served on the Better Business Bureau Executive Board of Mid-Hudson/Westchester, NY for over 20 years. He keeps active by maintaining memberships in NBEA, ISBE, IMA, Phi Delta Kappa, and the Stuart Cameron-McLeod Society of Accountants. 

 Ed has served on 250 evaluation visits since 1985. He has also served on 24 Intermediate Review Committees. He is married to Suzanne Pierce Krissler, a fellow ACICS evaluator and has two children and four grandchildren.