2011 Evaluators of the Year

Chair of the Year
Dr. Lonnie Echternacht
"Being involved in the evaluation process has allowed me to observe how professional, technical, and occupational programs continue to improve to meet the workforce development needs of today's workplace. Serving on ACICS evaluation teams is professionally rewarding because the process focuses on increasing the competence of program graduates and improving the quality of the programs that are currently being offered at increasingly higher levels. It is critical that independent career schools/colleges/universities maintain high standards and prepare students to become responsible and productive in their chosen careers, their families, their communities, and their world."

 Lonnie Echternacht Photo 
Dr. Lonnie Echternacht (left), is recoginized as the 2011 ACICS Chair of the Year     


 Evaluator of the Year 
Mr. William McPherson

"Serving as an evaluator allows me to evaluate not only people, but programs as well. It shows me the value of evaluation from many sides - from that of the student, the teacher, and the school. Evaluation is a window that allows those outside to see what is happening within. It is a mirror to show the school how it looks to itself. It is a magnifying glass which points out small imperfections that may go unnoticed. But what is satisfying to me is that it also can bring to light all the good that is being done. I feel gratified in knowing that evaluation helps school's programs, which ultimately helps the students. My ultimate goal as an evaluator is also my ultimate goal as an educator - to help students achieve success."

William McPherson Photo
Mr. William McPherson (left), is recoginized as 2011 ACICS Evaluator of the Year

Student Relations Evaluator of the Year
Ms. Judith Anderson-Kotts

"Is being an evaluator a breeze with a lot of world travel? It is if you enjoy seeing and meeting students from all walks of life who are making changes that will impact generations to come. It is if you enjoy talking to faculty and learning what you have in common and sharing their excitement in teaching. As for world travel - one airport looks like another and as long as the plane gets you there in time, that is what's important.

Being an evaluator is not glamorous and it is hard work. At the start of every visit, team members come together as a group of strangers but part as a family having learned and shared together. As evaluators we are seeing the evidence of student success and knowing that the accreditation process works. For, me personally, I have been privileged to work with some of the greatest people and each one is a true educator.

Judith Anderson-Kotts Photo
Ms. Judith Anderson-Kotts (left), is recognized as the 2011 ACICS Student Relations Evaluator of the Year