New Web site Features

In an effort to provide our members with the latest online services, ACICS presents a new Member Services microsite. The site is integrated with a new robust database, electronic document management system, and a travel and expense management tool.


With these enhancements, members can:

      •  Edit contact information
      •  Search membership directory
      •  Complete and submit applications and data
      •  Submit payments for applications and workshops
      •  Review accounts and pay fees
      •  Receive updates and track applications
      •  Upload, view, and print documents
      •  Obtain instructions, FAQ, assistance (Help Desk)
      •  Obtain current report information
      •  Submit reimbursements within a new evaluator reimbursement tool

Which members will be affected immediately?
      •  Member institutions will have the ability to view and edit key institutional information as
          well as have access to the e-business site which will accept credit card information for 
          payment of applications, visit invoices and sustaining fees.
      •  Owning corporations will have the ability to edit their contact information.
      •  Individuals will have the ability to edit their contact information and apply to be an 
      •  Evaluators will have the ability to edit their contact information, and view their 
          scheduled visits and qualifications

How do I begin  

Once you have received your username and password from ACICS, you may login.



What to Look for in the Future
      •  Additional Online Applications
      •  Report Management
      •  Council Actions
      •  Integration of Annual Institutional Reports (AIR & AFR)