The Campus Accountability Report, CAR, formerly the AIR is now open.

In addition to a change in the name to emphasize its role in accountability, other major changes were made to the AIR this year to reduce the institutional reporting burden and improve the integrity of the ACICS database.  These changes include (1) a streamlined process for accessing the report through the member portal account, (2) linking the program level data to the program database and (3) rolling the program data up to the campus level instead of requiring two separate reports.

In order to facilitate these changes, the Campus Accountability Reporting process will consist of two steps.  Step One will be to adjust the list of programs in your CAR so that it includes a report for each of the ACICS-approved, currently active programs at your campus.  Step Two will be to enter data as usual into those program reports and then into the campus report in those fields that are neither rolled-up nor calculated.  The timing of this process is as follows: Read more.....