The 2012 CAR due date has been extended!

The 2012 CAR due date has been extended! The 2012 CAR is now due on or before Thursday, November 1, 2012. Completers or graduates who are placed on or prior to November 1st, the due date of the report may be counted as placed. Any licensure examinations that occur before November 1st may also be included in the pass rate calculation. Please note that the CAR will be permanently locked on November 1, 2012 and all revisions made after this date must be manually completed. Please ensure that your data is accurate prior to submitting your 2012 CAR, as you will not be able to request to unlock your CAR. Any campuses that do not submit their CAR on or prior to November 1st may be subject to the revocation of accreditation, which is not appealable.