Call for Proposals

We want to hear from YOU! The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) seeks education industry experts to submit a proposal presenting new, successful approaches to topics relevant to the owners, administrators, and faculty at for-profit colleges and universities.

The 3rd ACICS Annual Conference and Business Meeting offers an opportunity for you to showcase solutions, initiate provocative discussions, and share effective strategies and tools to the many challenges facing campus administrators. Proposals will be selected to provide a program that offers innovative, comprehensive and diverse treatment of issues facing all types and sizes of colleges and universities. 

Topic areas are:

  • Institutional Effectiveness - e.g. "Best Practices", "Continuous Improvement is a Daily Process", "Implementing the IEP Takes a Team"
  • Retention and Placement - e.g. "Effective Completion Tools/Programs", "Student Activities Encourage Commitment", "Helping Students with Special Needs", "Placement Strategies Through Employer Outreach", "Boost Your Campus Recognition with Community Involvement", "Juggling Internships/Externships/Clinical Hours"
  • Learning Outcomes - e.g. "Effective Measurement Strategies", "Faculty Engagement Equals Improved Outcomes", "Know Where You Start to Prove Where You Finish"
  • Recruitment and Admissions - e.g. "Innovative Marketing Strategies", "It Takes More Than Money", "Reaching Out to Those Who Serve", "Regulations and Your Admissions Staff - Do They Agree"?
  • Accreditation Practices - e.g. "They Are Coming!!! - How to Prepare for Your ACICS Visit", "The ACICS Criteria - Friend or Foe", "New Regs, New Systems, New Forms - Oh, MY!!"

Selected Presenters will have free registration to the Annual Conference at the beautiful SawGrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa outside Jacksonville, Florida. Presenters will be responsible for their transportation and lodging costs.

Go the link to fill out the Call for Presentation form. 

If you have questions on how to complete the form please contact Andre McDuffie, for technical help.

If you have questions on the content of proposals contact Dr. Tom Wickenden, for guidance.

Please submit completed online proposal form by Monday, August 5, 2013.

A curriculum committee and ACICS staff will review all proposals. You will receive an accept or decline email notification no later than September 4, 2013.