Final Appeal Delivered

This letter is provided for an update and clarification of the status of ACICS, both during its current appeal for continued recognition by the U.S. Department of Education and subsequent to that decision. Our final appeal to the Secretary was delivered on October 21, 2016, in accordance with the regulatory provisions afforded under the current circumstance of a pending adverse action, during which ACICS remains recognized and continuing its operations as a fully functioning accrediting agency. The timeframe for the Secretary’s decision is unspecified. While it remains uncertain what his decision on the appeal will be, the outcome to date has not been encouraging. However, ACICS continues to summon the resources, professional expertise and support of its commission, membership and staff in a determined effort to review, renew and recover its historical role as a highly regarded accrediting agency. In the event that the appeal is unsuccessful, ACICS will be actively pursuing injunctive and other relief through the courts to provide the agency the benefit of the alternative decision allowing the opportunity over a 12-month period of time to demonstrate the implementation of its strengthened processes and practices.    

In the interim, ACICS remains in operation as a functioning accrediting agency with the full expectation to continue to carry out its responsibilities in accordance with its bylaws, standards and policies. The loss of recognition would be an impediment to that function, and this could have potentially serious ramifications for the students attending your schools, even if those students continue to have access to Title IV funds for an 18-month grace period.