Annual Report


For your review, is the ACICS Annual Report. The report provides a snapshot of the current state of applied professional, technical and occupational post-secondary education offered by ACICS accredited institutions in the U.S. 



2013 Annual Report

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2012 Annual Report

ACICS presents the 2012 Annual Report. The report reflects on ACICS' 100 years of commitment to quality education.

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2011 Annual Report

ACICS presents the 2011 Annual Report: Standards of Excellence Under Scrutiny. This report focuses on the intense scrutiny the quality assurance discipline has withstood in the recent past. View the full report here.
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2010 Annual Report

ACICS is pleased to present the 2010 Annual Report: Educational Excellence and the Power to Transform Lives. We are proud of the work and accomplishments over the past year and invite you to review the highlights.


 2009 Annual Report Cover

2009 Annual Report

Review of the 2009 ACICS highlights and achievements. Download PDF version.