Application and Self-Study

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The self-study is the most important part of the process of accreditation and must be considered a major effort of the institution. It is not an endeavor that can be completed hastily. It requires time and careful planning. The self-study provides the institution with the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of its operation. Essentially, the self-evaluation process forms the basis for the improvement of the educational effectiveness of the institution.


Narrative Report and Exhibits
The self-study questions are based, for the most part, on the standards in the Accreditation Criteria. Institutions are encouraged to review the evaluation standards in Title III carefully before commencing with the self-study. The narrative report should be prepared using clear and concise language and should respond to all of the questions asked. Exhibits should be included at the end of the narrative report. Exhibits should be provided only if they are essential to the team's review and preparation prior to the visit.

New Grants
An institution must submit an application for a new grant of accreditation prior to the expiration of its current grant of accreditation. Normally, ACICS will notify an institution approximately 18 months prior to the expiration date of its grant. The completed self-study and all required attachments and deposits must be received before an on-site visit can be scheduled.

To download a copy of the Self-Study Procedures and Guidelines which includes all of the necessary applications and forms, please click here.