Team Report and Response

The team prepares a written report that covers each area reviewed at the institution and includes other information pertinent to an accurate evaluation. The report subsequently is sent by the team chair to ACICS.

An exit conference is conducted at the conclusion of the visit and is attended by the chief executive or administrative officer of the institution and any others designated by the chief executive officer. During the session, the chair of the team will summarize the evaluation team’s findings. Members of the team also may append to the report suggestions for institutional improvement, but such suggestions are not a part of the official team report later considered by ACICS. The visiting team does not make the accrediting decision. Please note that the Council may amend or add other pertinent observations and requirements which may not have been presented during the exit conferences.

After the evaluation visit, the ACICS office will send a copy of the evaluation report to the chief on-site administrative officer, who is invited to respond to it in writing within the specified time frame.